"The act of painting feels to me like a conversation with my world, so full of good images and people. What I see compels me to respond with line, colour and feeling. Through this ongoing dialogue I express a deep undercurrent of appreciation for a beautiful and overwhelmingly visual world."



Born in Toronto, Barbara Sutherland graduated from the Ontario College

of Art and Design in 1984 after a final year of study in Florence, Italy.
She is a member of both the Ontario Society of Artists  and the
Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.


Barbara’s  travels by boat and RV across Canada provide abundant material for her work. Summers are spent cruising Lake Huron’s North Channel where Barbara paints in oils and watercolours in secluded anchorages, along wooded trails and windswept shores. A rugged, remote landscape appeals to her. With abundant enthusiasm for life’s adventures, Barbara delights in the solitary hike to find new inspiration in nature.

A bold manner expresses her delight for new places, coastal landscapes, changing seasons and her love of colour, both seen and felt.

While Barbara considers landscape and the energetic abstraction of it to be the thrust of her work, she is fond of portraiture and turns her hand successfully to it as well. In the 2010 CSPWC international juried competition, a portrait of the artist’s father won the Curry’s – M. Graham & Co. Award for watercolour.


Collectors of Barbara’s paintings comment on the excellent use of colour and line to create good, rhythmic compositions.  In the words of the late Doris McCarthy, “Barbara’s works show a delightful sense of design. She uses colour with freedom and courage which makes her paintings good to live with.”





Private and corporate collections in Canada, United States, Australia, Europe





2010   Curry’s & Graham Co. Award for Watercolour,

           CSPWC Open Water Juried Show

2008   Woolfitt’s Award for Watercolour, CSPWC Open Water Juried Show

2000   Ledsham Award, Ontario Society of Artists Juried Show

2000   Woolfitt’s Award for Watercolour, Scarborough Arts Council

1981   Printmaking and Drawing Award of the Year, Guelph University, Fine Arts

1976   Artist of the Year Award, Sir. John A. MacDonald Collegiate





2018   Water Reflections, CSPWC juried exhibition

2018   CSPWC/SFA Exhibition, Avignon France

2018   Inside/Outside, Fool’s Paradise

           Yorkminster Park Gallery, Toronto

2017   Water and Pigment: Mysterious Interactions

           CSPWC Diploma Collection, Peel Art Gallery

2015   The Kingston Prize, Canadian Portrait Competition Finalist

2015   Watermark, CSPWC Ontario Regional Juried Exhibition

2010   Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Open Water, Toronto

2008   Scarborough Arts Council, Hiu-Shiu Hung Gallery, Toronto

2008   C.S.W.P.C., Open Water, Toronto

2008   Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2006   C.S.P.W.C., Open Water, Toronto

2005   Ontario Society of Artists, Hummingbird Centre, Toronto

2004   Cancer Fundraiser Show, Tilley Endurables with Doris McCarthy, Toronto

2004   S.A.C., Annual Juried Show, Toronto

2004   Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2002   S.A.C. Annual Juried Show, Toronto

2001   S.C.A., Annual Juried Show

2001   Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2000   Women on Front, Peterson Fine Art Gallery, Toronto

2000   O.S.A., Art and Healing Exhibition, Toronto

2000   Art Gallery of Mississauga, Annual Juried Exhibition

2000   Society of Canadian Artists, Annual Juried Exhibition

2000   C.S.P.W.C., Open Water, Toronto

1999   C.S.P.W.C., Open Water, Toronto

1999   Inspired by Newfoundland, Heliconia Club with Doris McCarthy

1999   O.S.A. New Member’s Show, Toronto

1998   Bowmanville Arts Centre, Annual Juried Show

1997   Colour and Form Society, Annual Juried Show

1995   Colour and Form Society, Annual Juried Show

1993   C.S.P.W.C., Open Water, Toronto

1993   Gallery 306, Annual Juried Exhibition, Toronto





Ontario Society of Artists

Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour


"Painting is a natural extension of how
my mind rests upon my visual experience.

When my mind settles upon an image, sensing a fullness of meaning, sensing

weight, then the idea of a painting hatches. For me, art comes from the desire to extend that moment of visual appreciation."



"Painting strengthens my connection to nature and it is nature that then provides a palpable pathway to the hearts of others."


"I honour the sketch as I believe it serves as the most authentic and honest

expression of any subject."

A.O.C.A., O.S.A., C.S.P.W.C.


© Barbara Sutherland